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19.5" Bill Oberst Jr Classic Horror Skull Rosary

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Bill Oberst Jr Classic Horror Skull Rosary

This beautiful classic horror skull rosary is named after horror actor Bill Oberst Jr, because he is truly gifted.  He's a brilliant actor who is rapidly rising to stardom within the horror genre and he's also a very good friend. 

If you would like to know more about Bill and see some of his acting, please click here to visit his official website.  Be warned, if you watch his show reel, he may well freak you out as he's very, very frightening.

Articles written by Amanda Norman about Bill...

This skull rosary consists of red howlite carved skulls (12mm), red Swarovski crystals, quality glass black pearls and a Haematie cross.

Customised Requests

If you would like a different colour combination or a different length, get in touch with Amanda to discuss. 

All metals are silver plated, lead and nickel free.

Please note that colours may vary slightly from the photographs shown above.


Howlite is a super calming stone and helps relieve stress and can help with insomnia due to an overactive mind. It is also said to help with calcium levels and strengthens bone and teeth.


Haematite is a fascinating stone as it will help inspire you, but keep your feet on the ground at the same time.  It will help relieve discomfort from leg cramps, fractures and also helps with blood related problems such as anaemia.  Do not use for long periods of time near swollen or inflamed areas.

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